Success Story – 1

Mr. Kahtoon took more than 09 hours of travel with his ill wife – Mrs. Soni Kahtoon from Motihari, Bihar to a private medical college in Lucknow for a heart related treatment under Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY. Soni was suffering from heart disease from last few years in which one of the valves in her heart required replacement in order to keep her alive. Family of 10, Soni was hardly making ends meet through daily wages from her husband’s labor job.

Even after such financial hardship, Soni’s husband managed to get loan of around 2.5 Lakh rupees for her treatment in private hospital in Bihar. However, this treatment was unable to help Soni and she was in same pain as earlier. Fear of losing her life due to lack of proper treatment and the fact that her children will have no one to look after puts her in deep trauma every day.

Finally someone told them to travel to Uttar Pradesh for an advanced care in one of the leading multi-specialty hospital where they found a great support in terms of Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY. Being an eligible beneficiary under this scheme, she underwent a surgery for replacement of Heart Valve there. Soni is now completely recovered and back with her family & children. The scheme benefit turned out to be a great blessing for her through which she was able to save herself and future of her children.

“With this pain and suffering due to my heart ailment, everyday seems like a year to me. I was worried about future of my children thinking that what will happen to them in case I would not survive. Government’s scheme is a great support for people like us and I just wish that more and more people can avail benefit of this scheme to save their family’s health & wealth.”

Success Story – 2

Shabbir Khan was involved in a Labor job where he needed to carry heavy objects from one place to another. Carrying things on his head & shoulder day in and day out, ultimately resulted in fracture of his spinal bone. It was impossible for him to carry out his work with the condition he’s in. He visited more than 20 doctors & clinics for the treatment with no improvement in his physical condition except that by now he has his house and farm mortgaged in lieu of money he spent behind treatment.

With very little hope of improvement left, he was once told about Ayushman Bharat scheme and its benefits. To try his luck one last time, he reached out to nearest hospital and checked his eligibility under this scheme. Since his family was part of eligible beneficiaries, his golden card was generated.

His treatment was carried out in one of the finest private multi-specialty institute in town under AB Yojna. He did not require to spend any further money on surgery and received best of the services in town. Though he’ll not be able to continue working in same capacity as earlier, he’s back on his feet now and need not to worry anymore about treatment cost.

 “People like us who are below poverty line, are not asked about help anywhere. People only talk about money. Modiji’s scheme is a big relief for people like us and we are very grateful to him. I don’t think I can ever repay this help & support provided to us.”

Success Story – 3

Haji Abdul Aleem, heading a family of total 8 members was suffering from chest pain from last three years. Upon further checkup he was told to undergo Bypass surgery to remove clot from his blocked arteries. High estimate of cost for his surgery was nightmare for family who’s hardly meeting their daily needs due to poor financial condition. Day by day his pain was increasing and also increased the risk of heart failure if surgery not performed soon.

Through one of the IEC programs by state government on Ayushman Bharat scheme in Varanasi, family got to know about the criteria and various benefits available under this scheme. Haji went to nearest CSC with required documents and received his golden card.

Once golden card made, his family brought him to Lucknow for surgery where he got operated for Open Heart Bypass surgery. He returned home with improved condition and very minimal pain. Family of Haji is very thankful of the scheme because of which they were able to save his life.

 “We are a family of 8 people and our financial condition was not strong enough to support my treatment expenses. I’m under this deep pain from last three years thinking everyday how would I get myself treated. This scheme brought me back to life. I humbly request Modiji to continue this scheme forever, so no family like us have to suffer like me due to lack of money.”

Success Story – 4

Kiran Devi - a 29 years young lady of Dahilamau, Pratapgarh District in Uttar Pradesh was suffering from heart valve damage. Due to this, she was suffering from severe palpitation and breathlessness from a long time and therefore unable to work. Her life was in danger.

Her husband is a street vendor and hardly earn to feed his family. Kiran’s husband have checked with several hospital for the treatment but could not get any relieve in terms of finance and treatment. Finally, he visited to Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGI) of Lucknow for her treatment.

The medical team of SGPGI has examined Kiran and ask her husband to submit rupees 2,60,0000 prior to the start of medical treatment. The doctors told her husband that they need to replace heart valve of Kiran to save her life, which is a costly procedure. Kiran and her family was not able to afford such costly treatment. But still they requested their relatives to help them in such a crucial situation, and finally with their help could able to deposit rupees 2,60,0000 in PGI, Lucknow.

Meanwhile, the DIU team of Lucknow district came to know about this case and visited to PGI to meet the patient’s family. The DIU team has searched her family details in the AB-PMJAY data and luckily found her family as an AB-PMJAY beneficiary.

Now with the support of AB-PMJAY she underwent open heart surgery entirely free of cost in SGPGI, Lucknow, and the entire amount of rupees 2,60,0000 has been refunded to Kiran’s family. She received entire course of treatment including medicines, diagnostics and other services free of cost.

Kiran has been discharged from the hospital and recovered well. Kiran and her family is extremely thankful to AB-PMJAY for saving her life. She specially thanks to AB-PMJAY as she got the treatment without any financial burden which could have levy a lot of burden in future on her family. 

Success Story – 5

A 12 year old Sudha was playing on terrace with her friends when she fell off the edge and broke her hip bone. Her father rushed her to nearest clinic for treatment where they took out an X-ray of Sudha. X-ray suggested that she has broken bone and require fixation surgery.

On one side while Sudha was crying in pain, her father was in separate pain for arrangement of money for her treatment. Sudha’s father is a daily laborer whose daily income was not more than 200-300 rupees. One of his friends then suggested him to take her to government hospital in Lucknow where Ayushman Bharat scheme was functional and they can avail benefit of this scheme being the eligible beneficiary family of the same. Sudha has been operated in district hospital here and is completely recovered now. She has resumed her school and other daily routine.

“I don’t know what would happen to my daughter if we haven’t got support of this scheme. Just like other schemes of Modiji, this scheme is also like a blessing for people like us. I hope everyone can take advantage of this scheme just like we did.”

Success Story – 6


A heart patient from Hardoi, Mr. Iswedeen when brought to city’s top medical institution he was in immense pain and did not have any hope for survival. When we asked his nephew about condition of Iswedeen, he told us that patient was suffering from cardiac issue from last few months and doctors have advised for Angioplasty to release blockage in arteries. To support the treatment cost, he has reached out to all their relatives but no support extended.

Iswedeen was a part of Ayushman Eligible beneficiaries and his golden card ultimately became his best choice of support for required treatment. An Ayushman Mitra deployed at institution, helped him getting admitted. His surgery was performed and now he’s out of danger.  Iswedeen has gone back to his home and spending quality time with his family members. The support and guidance received from hospital staff and Ayushman Mitra helped them got out of this difficult situation.

“This scheme is like a blessing for poor families like us. My uncle is alive today just because of Modiji. May he stay PM of India for many more years.”